Girlfriends and kids??

Joseph Cosgrove

Jul 13, 2013
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Hua Hin Thailand
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When I saw the reply from the Petit caporal and the heading, I thought that it was unusual that I had missed a thread. April 22... I turned back a page and apart from Samtoo and Flash I couldn't recognize any of the names. I've just started watching a series called Threshold, so I was wondering if there was a connection; I mean not having seen a post and only recognizing two people.o_O
Then I looked at the date again, 2009 !
First of all let us all thank the Petit caporal for not letting a post die. ;) And secondly, for those who send me PMs asking for me to delete their mails for being so dumb that they have posted something incriminating (usually just before going to join) and then get a sad on when I explain that it will delete everyone else's posts. One little sh$tbag even went to the Boss to complain about me and threatening to go to the European commision (for freedom to remove mails and posting on social media or something like that).
So to get to the point that I'm trying to make: think before you post and there is no point in coming to me to ask to delete it later on.
Now is back to an hour of Excel :whistle:

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