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Quick post about a website I like, HardToKillFitness.com. Has military style and tactical fitness training. Lots of free workouts and some free workout programs if you sign up your email. Good if you run out of ideas of workouts to do and find yourself stagnated and doing the same workouts day in day out.

Here's an example of one of the workouts:
Workout For Tuesday 25th September

Today's workout we are testing your fundamental exercises and focusing mainly on bodyweight work. Work through the exercises completing all of the required reps before you move on to the next exercise. There is no prescribed rest time with this workout, however, I have included a punishment instead.

PUNISHMENT: If you break and need to stop during an exercise, you will have to perform a punishment of a 50m Farmers carry with 2x 45lb implements (dumbbells, kettlebells jerry cans).

See how far you can get through before your first punishment and time yourself as an extra challenge.

25 Chin-ups
50 Dips
75 Push-ups
100 Crunches

125 Bodyweight Squats

Also I'll attach the 21 day PFT booster, going to start it myself in the next few days, coming back from an injury need to kickstart my fitness and training. I will post results of my before and after times and reps to see if its made a difference.


Holy crap, 25 chin ups will get you breathing mighty heavy. I did 3 sets of 10 pull ups at the gym, then tried for a fourth and got 7. Then did 6 "sideways" pull ups for left and right. I was super winded. Trying to get back to 20 at my current body weight

Chin ups are a little easier, but pull ups work your whole back and shoulders too. I challenge anyone giving this a shot to replace chin ups with pull ups

I'm going to give this an attempt tomorrow at gym
Here's my results before starting the PFT booster.

1.5 mile/ 2.4 km run - 10:42
Push Ups (2 minutes) - 52
Sit Ups (2 minutes) - 43
Pull Ups (To Failure) - 8

My cardio wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but still not great. Core and overall strength has suffered a lot. Will do a lec luger test also, mabey tomorrow. Will do all the tests again at the end of the 21 days and see if it's made a difference.

Side note; I've been out of training for 6 weeks give or take and was training regularly before injuring my foot and ankle so I will probably have higer numbers (not by much) and jump up numbers and run times quicker than someone who's never trained before so don't get put off if your not making progress fast, stick to it and be dedicated and you'll get where you need to be.

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