Hello everyone

Joseph Cosgrove

I would like to thank for kind suggestion. I have my first 5k race May 5 and I have a 10K race June 9. I am running with a group and my lower back pain is finally gone. My belly is wearing off and getting flat and my lifting is going well. I did 4 miles today and look to get up to 6 miles with the group on Saturday. I start speed sprinting on tues/thursdays the week after my 5k. I hope to be sub 21 minutes but we will see. At least sub 25 and I will be happy. It took be over an hour and a half of walking/jogging the first week of March to cover 5k so I will be happy either way.

I run everyday now. I will achieve my dream.

Thank you.
Well that is what the forum is here for, or at least one of the reasons. Glad to see that you are enjoying yourself, that is half the battle.
Good luck on your 5 Km race Anthony.
Thank you sir. I finished in 28:26 and I’m a bit disappointed in myself for the time but the course was more hilly than I expected. I didn’t consider that. I’m going to work much harder next week. 10k in four weeks. I’m still only at level 7 of the beep test. I just want to will myself to improve faste. Thanks again for your kind wishes
Good effort that man. BTW no-one calls me sir. Now that you have a first timing, you know what to work on. Did you run all the way? voila la question !
I did. I never stopped which I am proud of. I know I can do better. Thanks for the support. I’m going to run a 5k next Saturday with my friends and I’m trying to get sub 25 Minutes.
This quest is making me happy for the first time in a really long time. I can’t wait to walk through those gates and leave everything behind. I’ll do my best and keep my mouth shut. But the journey itself has been very rewarding for me already.
Good stuff mate!!! Running for me is the hardest because because you can give up anytime although you have to push yourself. Setting targets or making a certain playlist for a certain amount of time helps. You’ve seet yourself some goals there so hopefully you smash them!! Well in bud

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