Hello everyone,

I'm french, 25 and I'm doing a Master Degree in Computer Science. When I was a teenager, I've met a green beret Commando that told me "If you want to join the army, go, study first, get a degree, once you're done, if you still think about joining the army, go for it".

He also said "I'm warrior, a sharpshooter, an experienced parachutist but now that I'm too old to serve, I can't do shit".

Well, I have done my degree and I still want to join the army. I'm thinking about the 1er RPIMa or 2st REP, I'm not totally sure about where I could give the best of me.

Actually I have glasses, I will have a PRK on the 25th july and since it tooks 6-12 months to heal, I will work until my eyes are done healing.

I want to serve in the army for my country and also for people that need it. I can't explain it to you, it's like an instinct, I want to do it like I have to, like there is no question. I just feel that I'm made for it and because I can, I should.

I have been training for 2 years now and I'm going to train for one more year more until I try to join.

Also, I am scared to be kicked out because of medical reason.. I have a pollen allergy with no asthma (desensibilized when I was a kid), I also know that I have a Iodinated contrast product allergy. I have a "scoliotic attitude" (fr : attitude scoliotique) which is not a scoliosis. I never broke any bone and I never had any knee problem.

Why do I want to join the legion ?

Well like I said, I want to serve my country and the nation that needs help. I also want to stay away from my engineer job for now, this is not what I want to do. I've just made a Mastrer degree because I could, I just done it because I needed money to pay for my PRK. I also wanted a degree because I think that there is a life after the army/legion and I think that the commando was right about doing study before joining. I want to give my time for people, I'm young and intrepid, maybe one day I will be okay to sit on a computer for hours to have a good pay but for now, that's not what count for me. Because I can serve I want to do until I can not anymore.

if you have any criticism, feel free to tell me !

Best Regards,
Good luck mate. Go to a doctor about your back but and make sure there are no curves or abnormalities. They give your back a right good checking if i remember right👍🏿


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Apply to St Cyr, or try another route at becoming an officer, with a computer science degree you shouldnt have any problems, then you can be an officer in either regiment. You'll probably end up in intelligence or transmissions then.

However with your eye issues and back, you might have a problem with getting into a parachute regiment.
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Okay I will check that.

They already asked me if I wanted to join to become officer but I really don't want to start there. I don't want to command people that are doing a job that I ignore.

PRK won't help ?


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The Max welcome to forum first.

I understand your wish to join army despite college degree. Its normal thing for many young men born with that "gene".
Me also finished some college and I'm skillful enough (and intlegend) with IT technology (I can make website and easily progress in that direction of IT crap)
But that simply isn't me, If I have to seat for 12 h in front of PC typing stupid lines of code... no way. That's not who I am.

Finish your school, prepare yourself best you can physically, be smart , as 26-27 y old Frenchman you have nice chances for getting in. Just convince them that you are willing to stay 5 y there and to give your best to La Légion and you should be fine.

Just keep that shit about helping endangered nations which need help to your self. Sounds highly unbelievable for me. Maybe you are sincere about that, but I don't feel that click about someone joining FFL in order to help oppressed people all over the world. You have Red Cross and other humanitarian organization for that. Of course FFL helping some peoples for sure, but in maybe precess they need to hurt some other (or same) people ... so do you know what I mean?

Also If your allergies are not serious it's best to keep that info for yourself. They are caused by excessive use of pesticide and other poisons from multinational corporation anyway!

And if you are not sure whether you want regular French army or FFL ...take second option ! ;) As native French you would have significant advantage over other candidates. Also you will get one experience which you would never have in regulars (BTW how the Legionnaires call French regulars?) . FFL it's really different experience which can not be obtained in any other unit. Some say that best men from all over the world coming there. If we are fair we know that isn't true. But I'm sure that legionnaires are bit tougher than probably every regular unit and that most of them have something imprinted in their minds which separate them from all others.

Be well and good luck mon amie !
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Welcome to the forum. The advice you were given was100% correct. Education or a trade is essential for life after the Armed Forces. That is especially essential for the infantry who often leave without a skillset.

I was lucky and was educated from the ranks at officer school. Thereafter I obtained a First at the HK Government Language School in Chinese/ Cantonese. I also studied other languages and became proficient in 5. Finally I obtained two other qualifications ; Fellow of the British Institute of Management (FBIM) and Member of the Institute of Marketing (M.Inst.M.) now Chartered.

This is not meant to be hubristic, BUT qualifications are so necessary to fall back on when you leave the Armed Forces, or God forbid, you are invalided out.

Max, bonne chance, bonne journee et bon jeudi.

A bientot.

Chas. Commando- Green Beret, Born before WW2 !

Joseph Cosgrove

Hi Max, You've got your education to fall back on once you have finished gallivanting around the world (mostly Africa) as a legionnaire. Try after summer where your hay fever should not be a problem. Once you are in you just go to the infirmary and get some tablets, no big deal.

If you try for the French army, you will be taken on as an officer. If you try for the legion you will be taken on as a bleu bite 2ème classe. You can work your way up from there.

As for keeping up with today's tech, you can follow it in your spare time via internet. Or spend your free time in the foyer and catch up later.
@SnafuSmite I don't know if you're french too but in the regular army it changed recently, Lasik / PRK is inapte for 6 - 12 months, maybe it's different in the Legion but I would be surprised that every single army around the world allow people to become paratrooper after 1y of lasik/prk but not legion.

@dusaboss Ahaha ! Feel like we could have been friend IRL. Like you, it just isn't me. I've done it because no one wanted to pay for my eye surgery so I just took the class where I was not bad to do something with my life but it's already boring and I don't want to do this my whole life. I want to join the army, special forces or legion cause I feel like I have too. I'm surprised that you said I was (probably) lying about doing it for the others, maybe I was not clear too. I really want to give my time to do something worth it. I will definitely not care if I hurt some random terrorist from ISIS to protect oppressed nation. I really mean it.

By the way, I totally relate to what you said, "born with that gene".

For my allergy, I'm going to eat every morning some pollen to have a even better resistance.

Do you really think that I will be advantaged because I'm french ?

Thank you for you answer, et bonne chance à toi aussi mon ami !

@Chas Incredible. It really warm my heart to read this from a man like you. I don't want to work with computer yet, I think I'm too young to stay behind a screen yet but like you said, degree will be usefull once I've done my time. Merci à vous.

@Joseph Cosgrove It is funny because you're an experienced Légionnaire and you still encourage a man like me to join. I think that you totally understand the fact that I want to start from the bottom. I got discouraged (online) by regular soldier that told me that I won't ever have a chance to join army / special force / legion with my eye, back and allergies but when I read the medical restriction it seems that I'm perfectly okay. I'm just scared of the pollen allergy even if it's not an hard one but a lot of experienced people (including you) tell me that it's not a problem, I'm probably worrying for nothing.

That's said,

What would you recommend me, the regular army or the FFL ?
Hi mate, I'm a South African :). The chap in question Paco05 claimed to have made it through, last we heard he was going to 2REP or 2REG but yet to be confirmed.
I would suggest going regulars if you want to go via ranks and who knows maybe after some time you could go to the Legion as an officer. Then both doors are open for you, going regular you can still live a pretty normal life and do your thing. In the Legion you are their property.
Plus if you go regulars you can go the COS route and all that other good stuff. Why limit yourself when you've got the pick of the options?
Well I'm training to join the 1er RPIMa but I still consider the option of joining the legion. Special Forces is like legion for the rank, you start from the bottom. What is sure is that I don't want to be an officier yet. Maybe later !

I don't want a "normal life", I just want to use my time to do something with my life. I am young and can serve in the army as a soldier, officer tend to remain in an office (I don't know if it's true for legion) like the engineer that I am. I'm looking for a life changing decision that match with my childhood ambition that I still have.

Plus, I don't want to command people that do a job that I have never done before.


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@dusabosssurprised that you said I was (probably) lying about doing it for the others, maybe I was not clear too. I really want to give my time to do something worth it. I will definitely not care if I hurt some random terrorist from ISIS to protect oppressed nation. I really mean it.
Do you really think that I will be advantaged because I'm french ?
I'm not saying that you lie. You didn't understood me well. Probably your intention is true and noble. But nature of many conflicts are not so simple as you were presenting in your post. Of Course you have to accept that your side is right side, but division is often blurry . It's easy and simple to accept that you have good guys "FFL"and bad guys "Boko Haram" . And that is in vast majority of cases absolutely true.
As I know from history of conflicts in my country during my lifetime situation could be often very complicated.

Do you really think that I will be advantaged because I'm french ?

Joseph Cosgrove

Max, whichever you decide, good luck. I'm not saying that you would regret later if you joined the regulars and not the legion, but if you do go that way, remember it would be difficult to go back. Although we did have an aspirant who joined after his year's conscript rather than continuing in the regulars.

As Sanfu says you can join as an officer in the regulars and then serve as an officer in the legion. But as the general Piquemal pointed out serving as an officer in the legion does not make you a legionnaire. Nb unless you come up through the ranks.

Thank you for your kind words.

With matters appertaining to the FFL take advice from the Greens.

'Mon avis est simple.' Go the officer route. With the right direction you might discover that you enjoyed it. Do well and you could opt to go to the Legion. Finally if during officer training you decided to withdraw you could opt out and enlist in the ranks without any shame.

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