Hi guys

Hi guys , this my first post. I'm interested to know how Africans are viewed and treated in The Legion. Obviosuluy one doesn't expect The Legion to be a holiday , But does being African affect your experience in the Legion. Because I'm looking to join because I've always wanted to be in the military. Just would hate to think being a Black guy would affect my experience. -South African


Actual or Former Legionnaire
My Sergeant was black and the rest of section were white to light yellow so don’t worry about that buddy the Legion is like a big rainbow.
hey mate, when i was there all the SA guys got rouge and went through. So its a good chance, even a zimbabwean guy made it. Where were you in the military here in SA? I was in the navy but did do infantry in oudtshoorn.

Joseph Cosgrove

Well you should make it either way. Us south africans have that type of trait the legion is looking for i think, in my opinion haha. I hope you make it. Maybe one day ill try again too.
Dylan, I'd say that you have hit the nail on the head. Your average Safa is motivated, hasn't got much to go back to (not making fun here) and are usually fit with a good education. Especially compared to most other African countries - not counting Zims of course.
Somehow I don't feel much of sorrow for victims of CIT or bank robberies.

Even lest someone lost his diamonds. That's why people love robbers like Pink Panthers.
These chaps are coming in and just blowing up the vans and shooting the guards, I know what these CIT guys earn and its slightly above minimum here in Saffa. It's a really shit and dangerous job. These criminals are just on a killing frenzy. Need to shoot em imho not arrest em.

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