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Nov 24, 2014
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Hello everyone

My name is Pow, I'm 21, and I,m from Thailand. My trip to french is going to start in this April, next and next weeks. Now my scores, luc 8 and 12-15 pulls up, I can speak Eng,Chi,and a little bit Rus. I have passed Thailand conscription already (status exception).
I started working when I was 16, because my parent has divorced and left me with grandma and my aunt adopted me. I have been working to pay my tuition for 6 years (NO any money spending no travel or buying any happiness)(No girl friend for 9 years T_T) . when I graduate in grade 12, my uncle want to kick me out from this house, because he don't like me and he is so stick and stingy, he doesn't want to help me to pay my living cost anymore. But at that time, I had only a useless certificate ,and Thai solder recruitment was full ( NO adult contraction) . Luckily my aunt kindly lets me keep working in her grocery and help me for University. After that I had to work double, because University tuition is too expensive, and I had to looking for second job. At that time I have known about FFl from Internet, so I started collecting money. I want to join FFl for start my new life, I don't want to make money to pay my tuition for useless knowledge anymore, I want to keep money and spend my new life in french.
Thank you all for reading and advice.

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