How to get to Fort de Nogent via Paris

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Don Pedro

Mar 6, 2014
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For all those that intend on joining up in Paris (Fort de Nogent), a few tips.
By the surburban train RER from Ch-De Gaulle 1,2, take line B3 (blue colour), cost of ticket around 10 Euros, travel time, approximative 30 minutes. Get off at Chatelet-les Halles, there you will have to look for your connection A2 (orange colour), direction Boissy-St Léger. You need to get off at the station Nogent sur-Marne. Time all in all, around +1hour (depending on many things.). I have encircled Gare de Lyon, for those that want to make the trip to Aubagne by themselves, by jumping on the A2 and getting off at Gare de Lyon. 1 ticket is all that is needed, to travel on, from the Airport, to destination. For the Marseilles bound, Railway ticket can be bought at Gare de Lyon.

If you go by Taxi, they will probably skin you (if you mention Legion and Fort de Nogent), the ride is around 60-80 Euros, time, depending on the trafic and so on. And most Taxi driver today are arseholes anyway.
Address: Fort de Nogent Boulevard du 24 Aout 1944, postal code :94120 ( for the use of a GPS).

First: the plan of the RER, then location map: Nogent S/Marne and Fontenay S/Bois.

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Martin Scott

Cheers Don, lots of us as you know did this all by ourselves.
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