Is there any similar experience to that in your country?

Today I started an obligatory course in college called military education. You cannot graduate without it, you cannot travel abroad without completing it. Basically, a special forces officer picks up 1000 college students and torture them for 5-9 hours every day in the sweet sun of the middle east depending on his mood for 2 weeks.
I really have no problem to stand in the sun to workout, exercise, learn something new, learn about military history or warfare in general. The thing is, you have a special forces guy sitting right in front of you but all he is doing is calling his girlfriend on his smartphone while you are just standing there for 5 hours doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. You can't talk, you don't learn. They spent 3 hours doing attendance lol. I was kind of disappointed. I thought I'd learn something. Maybe it is just the first day but all of my colleagues who completed the course say that it is like this every day.
Little history lesson. After the 1973 war against Israel our beloved (sarcasm for sure) youth wanted to join the army in great numbers. So they asked the president to give them any sort of military training during college. At first, it was 60 days in an enclosed camp where you learn how to follow orders, how to shoot/clean an AK, some very basic self-defense and of course cleaning toilets just like any other country's basic training but due to low budget, it kept getting reduced from 60 to 45 days to 30 to 20 until eventually it became 12 days and you don't go to a camp you go home every day.
Is there any similar experience to that in your country? Keep in mind that those are college students, I was probably the only one among them seeking a military career but the rest were just doctors, engineers, accountants, scientists etc etc They were all cursing the officer and the army you can imagine how angry they were the poor lads. :ROFLMAO:
Also is the sun hot in the farm? If it is, all that useless standing in the sun won't be in vain haha. I mean do you get to stand out in the open air for hours while doing nothing? If that's the case then maybe those 2 weeks won't be useless after all.
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Well, I did my compulsory military service of 1 year in my home country (Romania) and it had some of that. At some point all we did was wait. Wait for the morning appel, breakfast, cleaning, some training, shooting, marching, etc. At first it was interesting to do all that stuff, but at some point there will be boredom, unless you like to screw things up...
Alright, today we finished. Waiting for results but everything should be ok and I should pass. Total waste of time for two weeks, I only learned a couple of things.
1-since 1st of Feb it is very hard for anyone to get out of conscription even with a medical waiver since they need manpower to support the Sinai operation. Most probably I will not get out even though lawfully I am ineligible.
2-Most of the newly conscripted soldiers/officers are going to Sinai and die there (that was literally said by the officer) many who are graduates of civilian colleges/universities and didn't have more than 40 days of basic training. They can barely handle a rifle and they are going to fight world-class veteran terrorists smuggled into Egypt via Gaza tunnels from Syria and Iraq. At some point, he actually said (in Arabic of course) Don't worry you too will be in their shoes in 10 months
3-I'll probably go to Sinai in November if I don't get out with a medical waiver. Really, I am not afraid or annoyed I am someone who wants to join the Legion anyhow I won't be afraid to fight some psychos in Sinai blowing themselves up. I am just sad that during that year I won't be able to study French at all and I'll forget everything I have learned. I was planning to go to the Legion with at least B1 level in French but instead, I guess I'll go with one hell of a military experience because of my physique I'll be taken somewhere rough infantry/paratrooper/elite shock troopers. They say you graduate from these regiments with a certificate that you can use later. We will see what Mr army doctor will decide for me in the upcoming September :) only he will decide my fate and which route I will take.
The Egyptian government is preparing anti-atheist laws (to satisfy conservators since elections are coming soon). That's a good enough reason, in my book, anyway, to justify asylum in Europe, France... Légion étrangère !
Could this country get any worse :ROFLMAO: I wasn't planning on bringing that up in the Legion but I'll include it in my story. To be honest, they are making it fairly easier for me.


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Could this country get any worse.
Mate it can, recently in ZA parliament has voted to start proceedings to potentially amend our constitution to expropriate land without compensation, in short the government could take away your property and not give you a cent for it, similar to what happened in Zim. All because of what happened 300-400 years ago....
Oh yeah haha, somebody asked her to sing her song about the Nile which says didn't you drink from the Nile. She replied “why you want that if you drink from the Nile nowadays you will get Bilharzia (the worm).” So they prosecuted her for that :ROFLMAO:. They said she is spreading false data about the Nile.
About the dancer, she is Russian and they say that she didn't commit to the ‘legal’ belly dancing regulations which compel her to wear a ‘short’ underneath her dancing costume. Next time she was on stage she showed people her new shorts while dancing it was hilarious. :LOL:

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Oh yeah haha, somebody asked her to sing her song about the Nile which says didn't you drink from the Nile. She replied “why you want that if you drink from the Nile nowadays you will get Bilharzia (the worm).” So they prosecuted her for that :ROFLMAO:. They said she is spreading false data about the Nile. (...)
She should be publicly flogged for suggesting that the Nile water isn't drinkable. Or Left in the sun for three and a half days and then see just how thirsty she really is. If she dosen't like Nile Aqua she should try the Ganges river in India:


Saying that the only one drinking the Seine was the Zouave a few weeks ago.
Is there any similar experience to that in your country?
In Argentina until the mid 90s, there was an Obligatory Military Service, you were 18? Then you went either to the Army, Navy or Air Force. Unless you had a real big medical issue you were in. It lasted for one year, of course that was if you behave like a good boy... You were troublesome, they will give another year and so on until you started to behave like a human.
They had to stop, because the death toll was getting way too high.
Like in most Armed Forces from South America, there is not much concern about human rights when it comes to cadets or conscript.
As a Cadet you can stand it, because you went there on your own will. But when you are 18 and your dream is to become a teacher, doctor, artist, etc, not only they did force you join the Army/Navy/Air Force but they also beat the shit out of you because a simple mistake. It became to much to handle for some of them. So they either died because of too much punishment or they took an HP35 to their head.

A little history that did happen to me. It was my first years as a cadet, the first year (out of 4) you do basic infantry training. I was assigned to company "C". Every single day was about the same, you woke up at 5:00, take a shower, shave and then you dress in your gym uniform and you get a briefing from your 1st LT that´s in charge of your training.
One day i made two mistake
1)I didn't tuck my t-shirt properly inside my short
2)When he was talking to me i didn't address him properly. I said Yes Sir instead of Yes my "rank". Because "The only SIR is in the heavens!!"

So he put all the company in one hand push up position while he was giving the briefing and every single time, he did remind everyone that they were in that position because of me. You maybe thinking well one hand push up position during a briefing is not that bad, try to keep that position for at least 10 minutes.
He kept with that kind of things all the day and of course informing everyone that i was to blame. During the debriefing he told me that i was assigned to the dorm hall guard duty during that night.... About 3 in the morning i was mob dragged to the showers and given a friendly beating with wet towels with soap bar inside... The only thing you should do when you are in that position is to cover your head, testicle and soft parts... After that i was taken by the 1st Lt to the infarmy told the nurse on guard that i had fall down from the stairs. Of course he gave me an advice, don't try to go crying to the Captain(who was in charge of that company).
But then again, i went to the Army, i asked to be there and i wanted to be there. So i took the pain and i keep going. Plus it works because never again i called a superior "Sir"

Sadly sometimes the punishment can go very very wrong, for example last summer 10 police officer cadets from a province of argentina had to be rush to the hospital, because they were forced to run for hours and the officer in charge refused to give them water or to go to any shadow. Two of them day a few days later. During summer that province can reach temperatures like 44 c. When they did interview the trainer, he just said "if they died, then they are not worthy to be cops"
No, to be honest, it was never like that in Egypt. I mean it is like this maybe for homosexuals, atheists, Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and troublemakers, but for normal people, you just end up standing in Egypt's sun all day long and that's it. As a conscript soldier/officer, you wouldn't receive any proper training here, maybe reserve officers are better learned and specialized. The only ones here who receive extensive training and quality stuff are the full-time professional OFFICERS (not even soldiers) a friend of mine is a lieutenant in the navy. Man, the Navy pays for even his Fuc***** piss! They give'em free cours de Francais by teachers from the French institute whom they bring from l'institute everyday via private cars! Also, it is the most expensive French teaching institute in Egypt as it is directly supported by the French embassy. Just a very small example of what they receive here. They have ID cards that allow them to go anywhere and do anything. Not a big difference between them and the president here lol
Go for full time officer ?
they don't accept any glasses+ you have to have like a very strong connection in the army each year 200K apply for military academies in egypt and only like 2000 are selected in all branches army air force navy engineer corps etc I heard that 200K was an old statistic it has drastically increased and still they only accept 2000 at maximum per year. It's a poor country so professional soldiers/officers do not even represent 20-25% of the army the rest are conscripted. You know the story mon caporal typical third world bullsh*t. In a documentary by france 24 about the legion an italian legionnaire said he came to france because in italy to join the army u have to have a strong connection a colonel or general this is italy, so how about egypt :D

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