Is there any similar experience to that in your country?


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Ewan doing what us Scots do best. .complaing / morning
A parodie but near to the truth
I share the same line of thinking
" we are governed by over fed / ambitious, wanquers " them as far as i can throw them
Can't forget line from Trainspotting :). Which I already did quote, but man, it is good one. :)

Don't know what I like that, Probably because Serbs are similar to Scots in someway
Oh well, every sociaty just has to have a top dog, so the European royalties are just fine with me. What are the alternatives? Somebody like Sadam Hussein or Anwar Sadat or Erdogan or Idi Amin or Ghadafi or Donald Trump or Theresa May or Frau Merkel? And the list goes on and on, Pol Pot anybody?

Nah, King Harald or Queen Elizabeth are just fine with me. But then again, what do I know, I’m only 78 years old.
For you Jonny. Got to admit this sounds great. Taken 72/73 for a German TV film.



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Thanks, sexpert, here is a great Australian one. From a much different war, of course, otherwise not too different

Quick update.
Been stuck in Egyptian army's red tape for 2 bloody weeks now. I literally stand every day for 6 hours in the sun in a long bloody queue with more than 15-20 illiterate guys to just get the signature of some muppet or get two papers clipped together....Still, will be redirected to medical checkup day which is rather known as hell day here as I'll go there and melt in the sun from 6 AM and finish by 4 PM. I'll know in a couple of days whether I'll get in or not. If I do not get a medical exception for eyesight (brief reminder the legion accepts up to -9 diopters but our mighty army accepts only -3 for a private and perfect eyesight for reserve officers) there is still an appeal which could get me out so I can start focusing on the legion's career. I honestly don't believe the legion could be any worse. God, I don't think anything could be worse than this slowly killing boring and absolutely useless red tape really. Problem is that they let a soldier (equivalent to legionnaire 2nd class) do all the paperwork here. Surely the guy is so inexperienced and doesn't know Sh*t so he waits and let us wait with him well, for 10 days now! Plus, the number of illiterate guys in Egypt is terrifying, I honestly never expected it to be that much. These guys are all hardcore ex-criminals and standing in a queue with them is really a bad idea but meh! Sure as hell a private who gets paid 12 euros per month (yes that's true) would never be able to control them. I mean the least they could do is get some NCO badass to control them but again meh! Everyone I know here keeps saying conscription will never teach me anything of use especially for the legion and that it will be a complete waste of time be it as a private or an officer so I should avoid it. However, if there is no way for me to avoid it I'll try as much as possible to learn at least how to follow orders and stand attention!


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Mate it can, recently in ZA parliament has voted to start proceedings to potentially amend our constitution to expropriate land without compensation, in short the government could take away your property and not give you a cent for it, similar to what happened in Zim. All because of what happened 300-400 years ago....
It is reverse racism to a point, being British I think we should sue the French because of that William the Conqueror bloke , trace back family histories and see if land was given to them by the Normans then confiscate their three bedroom terraced houses. :)
Hopeful update: got excluded medically today for eyesight from Egyptian compulsory military service. I'll be able to travel abroad in 4 months I guess from now so I am thinking about performing eye surgery and wait 1 year if I'll wait at least 5 months to travel might as well make'em 12 and go with better French and 6/6 eye sight. Also, doing eye surgery in Egypt will cost around 200-250 euros but in france it will cost 2k(no worries it's safe). Plus, physically I am not ready yet neither is my BMI. But anyhow now I am a free man and can travel (in a few months) but still can travel without issuing any security clearance or anything I'll be under the radar. Country here is taking a very bad dictatorship turn.

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