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Aug 26, 2016
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One way of learning the French numbers -after 21 and up until 70 not too hard, is by counting while exercising, for example doing pull ups. If I remember correctly your nationality is American and you can do ten pull ups :cool:. try doing sets of two pulls starting at 70-71, 71-72 etc. Until you reach quatre-vingt-dix. Which if my math is correct will give you 10 sets of 2 pullups (en français no less).
That which a lot of candidates fall short of is concentrating uniquely on the beep test and the pullups. Which is fine to get you in. However during the mornings workouts you will be going on long runs, so if I were you I would build up running stamina and also concentrate on the abdos.

As for the hotel, you will have to take into account the jet-lag. If you can afford it, there are a lot of cheap hotels around the train station and a lot of cheap restaurants also. You should count around 50 euros or $58.42 by today's exchange rate. A cheap meal will cost around 10 euros, There are also small supermarkets around the the train station. There will be nothing worse than waiting around on the first two days while you are being processed and yawning all the time and just waiting to crawl into that lovely soft warm bed.

Besides, what you are going to save, with my next tip, on being ripped off by an over-weight Marseillais taxi driver will pay for a night in a hotel:
As you come out of the airport arrivals you turn right and there you will see a big blue bus with the word Navette painted on the side. On the front will be written St Charles which is the name of the train station. Approx. 9 euros or $10.51. 20 minutes travel time and you will be taken directly to the the train station.

Sorry to quote the whole thing, but damn, Cosgrove, this is the best, most helpful post I have seen on this entire forum. I'm writing it down on paper so I remember the prices you mentioned and the bus stop. I was just asking about this earlier in a thread I made. As always, appreciate the knowledge! You anciens are extremely helpful for all of us wannabes on here