Legionnaire dies on operation

The sergent Anthony Paiba Valberde, Equator, 24 years old, 6 years of service and currently serving with the 13 DBLE, died in a mortal fall from a 7 meter cliff, in Mayotte during an anti-clandestin operation.

Source: France info

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On 7 August, two French soldiers belonging to the 2nd Foreign Paratrooper Regiment (REP) of Calvi (Corsica) were killed during a serious clash with insurgents during a reconnaissance mission near the Tagab Valley in Afghanistan. They are Corporal Kisan Bahadur Thapa and 1st Class Legionary Gerhardus Jansen. Five of their comrades were injured during the same event. Engaged in the Foreign Legion in March 2008 and thanks to his qualities, Kisra Bahadur Thapa (photo right) is assigned to the 2nd REP at the end of his initial training at the 4th Foreign Regiment of Castelnaudary. Rigorous, calm, good comrade, showing coolness in the face of adversity, he was elevated to the first class distinction in November 2008. After a mission in New Caledonia, he was sent to Surobi with his regiment which weapon, in 2010, Altor Combat Task Force. He had returned to Afghanistan last July, the 2nd REP providing a reserve company to the GTIA Quinze-Deux. With great potential, according to his superiors, he was promoted corporal on May 1. He was the holder of the National Defense bronze medal with "Foreign Legion" and "Foreign Assistance Mission" staples, the French commemorative medal with Afghanistan staple, and the NATO "non-article 5" medal. The 30-year-old Corporal Thapa was married and had a baby boy. His comrade who also lost his life in this clash had engaged in the Foreign Legion two months after him.
After his initial training, during which he was able to show real dispositions, Gerhardus Jansen (photo opposite) is assigned, in August 2008, to the 2nd REP, where he becomes a medium-range antitank gunner.

Having a sense of camaraderie and a "very good state of mind", according to his superiors, Gerhardus Jansen was elevated to the 1st class distinction in January 2009. After a mission to Djibouti, and as the corporal Thapa, he makes his first deployment in Afghanistan as part of the Altor GTIA.

The 24-year-old Legionnaire Gehardus Janse was awarded the Bronze Medal of the National Defense Staple "Foreign Legion" and "Foreign Assistance Mission", the French Commemorative Medal Clip "Afghanistan" and the Medal NATO "no article 5".

RIP frères d'arme

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