Legionnaires of 2e REI doing PC in downtown Nîmes

It can be....
Just being a Fut-Fut = The above staff have a high appreciation on your potential
Being a Fut-Fut, is not free
There is the return's. .'give back what we taught you '
Usually, a Fut-Fut. ..will finish his basic training. (4 months)..then attacks his caporals course (8 - 9 weeks)
Once done, El Fut-Fut knows it all (as far as guiding wankers where their cocks can be found. ..
Often,a Fut-Fut will be deployed to a regiment, once the return, is payed back
Some do several instructions (x 4 months)
These types, have a pre programmed future
These types. ..have an attitude problem, my opinion
Spent too much time being served as ...i command. .but lack understanding when it comes to harden legionnaires
Some of, might have done their basic with
Easier for the Fut - Fut to become a Sgt. , than a legionnaire, for sure

Have known several Fut-Fut 's in my carear. ... (some cool and good...others,fkn tyrants = out to prove their harshness

Post Shitum
What ever the army
What ever the nationality
What ever the religion
The army and rank is a non stoppable war of Ego's
I kid you not
@Le petit caporal
I have read a book (G. Carins, served 96-01) where the author had a low opinion of ‘fut-futs’, mostly because they went to their regiments as corporals without having served as legionnaires or 1CL. In other books from older generations (i.e. Lochrie), I had the impression that they were respected as much as ‘regular’ corporals. But as you said yourself, it was up to each person or up to the author's personal opinion.
LP Caporal.
Small world indeed, though all you guys that served must be a tight community that pretty much knew one another.
I remember watching two documentaries on youtube about the Jungle School in Guyana. A Korean and a Brit that were "estageures" at the first were "moniteurs" in the second (Adj Lopez was stable in both :))
From all the books I ve read, Lochrie was the only one that didnt mention some form of physical punishment in basic training , maybe his 38 years of age commanded some respect.
Tight community? Divided categories actually: Officers mess hall, NCOs (sous-officiers) mess hall, caporaux-chefs club and foyer du légionnaire for the rank and file. I live here, where I served. Helped many out (difficult situations ,etc.), ignored plenty of others too.
I have lived in France more than in Scotland, where I was born. Shaking my own thing but available for any Ancien who needs my attention. Couldn't be any other way with me, Legion or not.
There is a growing part of me, that seems to be getting stronger every day, that wants to try out for the Legion even while my processing, well, waiting now, for the US Army is going on. It could take another 6-12 months just for me to get an answer from them. It is what it is. But the way I'm starting to think, what harm could it do if I try for the Legion? If I make it, I make it. And I start a new life where I never look back, like I have always wanted. If I don't make it, so be it. And I still have the option to wait around for the US Military to give me a response.

I wander, I ponder...:unsure:
The French (regular), British and American armies are all known for the fk bureaucracy in enlisting new recruits, so many wannabes turning away, giving up because of the long procedures... With the Legion, it's more straightforward : you do 7 pull-ups and you pass the gate. It doesn't mean you're taken in, but it's one step closer to being.
Simple 7 pull ups and you pass the gate (dosen't mean you are recruited. ..but 1 step closer to being)
That's exactly what I've been thinking. Here I am all this time wasting away, stressed about whether the Army is going to pick me or not. When on it's own I'm not even sure if the US Military is for me. Don't get me wrong, I would and will do it if I get the chance. But something tells me I might be a better fit for the Legion anyhow, just with how I think, the manner in which I would approach it, with what I would want to contribute to the Legion and to the overall global stability effort, and also with where I see myself in 5, 10, 20 years.

Fut Futs ! Nothing worse than over zealous and new Cpls throwing their weight about. In my days aspiring Cpls started as rear rank instructors. They then went on to their respective training cadre and were sorted out, prior to receiving their tapes on pass out.

kk what are you actually doing now ? Are you in limbo ?

Kind regards- Chas.

Joseph Cosgrove

I was a so-called ‘fut-fut’. With hindsight, it was the worse choice of my career, but that's hindsight for you. When you finish basic training you spend two months In preparation to go on your corporals's course. Weapons, Mont-Louis and loads of French. In my case, once I finished my 2 and a half sections, I was declared inapte TAP (unfit to serve in airborne units) so forgot the REP and chose 3e REI (good choice). After 3e REI I was suddenly declared apt to go to the REP. Lack of volunteers :unsure: ?
So I turn up in the REP with 4 ½ years of service and an ex-fut-fut :eek:. In those days , you were expected to start off your career in the REP to be entitled a Repman. Two things helped pave my way. First, the SOA (French acronym for sous-officier adjoint, platoon sergeant) of Milan 2 CEA was my SOA in 3REI. When he saw me, he went to the captain and had a word with him. And second, there were a lot of the Brit mafia who I did my corporals's course with. :cool:
kk what are you actually doing now ? Are you in limbo ?
I'm totally joking about the expectation that I would ever be a fut-fut out of basic instruction. I would prefer to start from the very bottom and work my way up.

And I'm not sure if I'm in limbo or not. I didn't think I was. But now, I'm not so sure.

Last year around this time, no joke, I was all set and ready to go try out for the Legion. I even had a plane ticket bought with a leave date in October. That is, until I ran into a recruiter friend of mine who said he would be willing to submit a packet for me for entry into the US Army. I have an issue in my background that will require a waiver to get in, and that waiver is no guarantee. However, the common wisdom I have picked up, mainly from being a member of this site, is if you have even the slightest chance at joining your own country's military, then you should exhaust all possible options before even entertaining the idea of of the Legion. But then, in pushing my packet forward, which itself didn't get touched until earlier this year, another very minor issue was discovered, nothing that would prevent me joining, but something I do have to take care of, and one that is going to require another 6-12 month wait from this point just to get that issue resolved and moved on from. And only then can we re-submit and determine if the other more significant issue will get waived or not. So even after this 6-12 month wait, it still isn't a guarantee. It's fine, it is what it is.

It is only recently, in the last month or so, that I have seriously entertained the idea of trying out for the Legion anyway, despite the fact that technically I can still consider myself to be in processing for enlistment into the US Army. But that I have nothing to lose by trying out for the Legion. If I make it, great. I'll take it from there. If not, so be it. And I still have the option to come back and see if my US Army enlistment goes through.

And on a personal level, there is something in me telling me to just do that, that I might be a better fit for the Legion anyhow. This isn't something new. Something has told me that for a very long time now. And in my own mind, every day it seems like, I am increasingly growing to accept that. And I might act on it before I hear back from the US Army.

What do you think I should do?

My advice based on my modest military service, is that if you want it badly enough, go for it. I did so for the RM Commandos.

Remember advice can be taken or rejected and the final solution rests with you the recipient.:unsure:

Good luck whatever your choice.:)


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