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Looking for honest answer


Feb 8, 2017
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Kumanovo, Macedonia
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Hello everyone, since this is my first post on this forum,i would like to share my story and ask a simple question ( which has been answered so many times, yeah i know but still... ).
i am planning my trip to Paris on march of 27, this year, a month from now.
It was my dream to join french foreign legion since i was probably 15 ( i am 20 now ).
Now i think the time has come to try out my luck and hopefully become a legionnaire. So i am preparing myself both physical and mental but i have once concern about missing teeth.
To make a long story short i have excellent oral hygiene, but i am without my 6 tooth from both left and right side of jaw, and also i recently extract my 4 and 5 from my upper row ( left side ). ( my dentist said that i will not have any problems regarding my wisdom teeth, so he put dental fillings and that's it )
So now it results with 4 missing teeth and as i said already the other ones are in fantastic shape which means no cavity and other dental problems.
I already read about topics like this but since i'm new here i gotta do my thing, which is to ask stupid questions like this haha ( i know ).
Please be kind and share your opinion. What are my chances of being rejected?