Malaysian, enlisting 21/12/18

Are you me?
I'm 28 years old, 155 cms and 52 kg. And I work as the office superintendent at a Madrasah.
Only thing stopping me is that I don't have enough savings to travel to Paris.
James Russel,
2 years ago you said you would be going. That was with the same caveat that you are now presenting. I suspect that you are a dreamer.:unsure:

Anyway- Good luck.:)

Joseph Cosgrove

Just to update, i managed to pinch a lil more to afford a trip to Aubagne and back if i dont make it. So im enlisting in Aubagne.
OK, Now we're talking.
Check the threads, and posts and stickies on how to get there. Be careful of Jet lag. If you can, you spend a the night in a hotel before hand. If you have any queries don't hesitate to state them. If need be, drop me a PM. We are after all neighbors! I'm living in Thailand and have been to your country. I've got a book/page marker to prove it. It has Malaysia written on it:ROFLMAO:

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