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Jul 13, 2013
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France and Belgium have signed the Intergovernmental Framework Agreement (AIG) in the context of the Strategic Partnership Motorized Capacity. Belgium can now buy 60 Jaguar and 382 Griffon from the consortium of Nexter, Arquus and Thales. The amount of the contract amounts to 1.6 billion euros. Minimum service for the signature of the intergovernmental framework agreement (AIG) between France and Belgium in the framework of the strategic partnership Motorized Capacity (CAMO). The two defense ministers, Florence Parly and her Belgian counterpart on the departure Steven Vandeput signed in Paris on the occasion of the first ministerial meeting of the European Intervention Initiative (IEI), a "new" AIG, which anchors in the long term, the strategic partnership Motorized Capacity, "said the ministry in a statement issued after Wednesday night after 23 hours. The Minister of Armies is pleased with this major agreement that "strengthens an already strong cooperation between the armies of French and Belgian land and opens the way to a greater operationality of our forces," said the ministry. While Belgium has chosen the US F-35 fighter, France believes that the AIG between Paris and Brussels "embodies a concrete Europe of defense that is built through partnerships where states combine their forces, security service of Europeans ". According to the ministry, this agreement will provide significant economic benefits in France and Belgium.
A contract of 1.6 billion euros
As part of this agreement, Belgium buys 60 Jaguar and 382 Griffon from France via Nexter as prime contractor. The amount of the contract amounts to 1.6 billion euros, according to the Minister of Defense, Steven Vandeput (against 1.1 billion euros initially). Or 500 million more euros but with thirty vehicles less ... The armored vehicles will be delivered to Belgium from 2025.

The Directorate General of Material Resources (DGMR) and the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) will cooperate in an unprecedented way with the establishment of a joint office for the conduct of the acquisition program. "The collaboration between the two directorates will allow the development of synergies, in the areas of expertise and testing, and close consultation on future needs," the ministry said.
"With 1.6 billion euros, it is the largest investment program for land forces, announced in my strategic vision, said October 25 Steven Vandeput. This acquisition, in line with the principles of strategic vision, goes hand in hand with a revolution in defense cooperation for our Earth Component. A partnership with France is set up based on identical French and Belgian combat vehicles. The aim of this partnership is that Belgium and France will have, among other things, a common organization and that training, training and logistical support will be organized jointly. (...) The cooperation between the two armies can be considered as an emblematic project in Europe ".

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