[Question] Medical stuff and such

Hi, so I'm really motivated and confident to join the FFL.
I plan to try to join sometimes next year.
But I have some questions that I'd really like to get your opinion on.
1) When I was 9 years old I broke my right(dominant hand) wrist. It was an open fracture and both of the big bones were broken. I did have a surgery. I didn't have any screws or metal plates in it just stitches where the bone came out of the skin. It left a noticable scar, tho.
Anyways, what I worry about is that I have a very slight problem with completely rotating the wrist. It's not much big of a deal it never cause me any problems or prevented me from doing something. I never really noticed the problem with it until I read that it could get me failed.
I can function and do everything with the wrist and hand, but with a little help of my elbow when completely rotating the wrist.
So is it something that they won't let me pass with?
2) Again when I was around 10 I fell into barbed bushes that grow in the forest with like little spikes on the twigs. I don't know what it's called in English(not native English speaker) and it cut me on my left wrist and it left a scar about 3cm long and about 0,5cm or so wide. It is now white and what I really worry about is that they will think that I tried to off myself or self-harm or something which would not be true.
So could this get me failed? Any advice?
3) Some dude somewhere wrote that if you're ex-fattie that they will find a way to fail you to not take a risk or something.
Well I kind of am and I hated myself how i was and I changed. It worries me if it's true. Anyone ever heard of something like that?
Or should I just lie and never say a thing about it?
Thanks to anyone that will answer any of my questions or give me any advice. Take care.
Only thing worrying here are that you say you hated yourself and you have a scar across your wrist and a scar on your arm👎🏾Doesnt look good mate.

I dont know how you could prove otherwise. Maybe get medical records for the one on your arm? And as far as being a fatty is concerned as long as you arent overweight and you are fit when you turn up i see no problem.

Joseph Cosgrove

Hello dxtrn and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the only way you will get any answers to questions 1+2 are by going and see what the Legion doctor has to say. By taking any medical papers translated into French and a recent x-ray and a good explanation you may stand a chance.
As for #3 I can't see how that will matter and I couldn't see how they would even find out.
Self harm is quite common within youth of today! Any scars around arms and wrist will draw attention I still come from the view the Legion can pick their crop to get the best, selection it tough but why take a chance with scars or lack of movement rotation when the next guy has none of the above.
If you have been severely overweight or fat you will have stretch marks that you can’t hide.
Like Joe said we are not Doctors or recruiters but common sense would say don’t waist your time and follow another dream!
Well, thanks guys. I think I just worry too much about things. I'll just have to try my luck and see if I get lucky to get in.
If I can do pretty much anything with the right wrist I don't see that being a problem, right?
Also I was thinking of a getting a tattoo over the little scar on my left one to cover it. I never self-harmed so it worries me a bit.
Think that would help?
Anyways, thanks again, guys.

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