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Watched a program here in the States last week it was on the Bridge in Millau that spans the gorge, What a beautiful Bridge and the daunting task for building it was amazing, pure work of art and Engineering!

As a Marine Corps Engineer Assistant, same as FFL Pioneers, that bridge had my attention for over an hour!
My son, 21 years old,lives there
Before the bridge was built, the regiment had to use the old windy road down, with the VABS/APC and logistical lorries (night mare on the air breaks..especially at night and in bad weather (at this instant,covered in snow ) to reach the Camp de Larzac,training ground and Fire évaluation center , actual home of the 13 DBLE
Was a 23 km run this morning around and over the bridge. ..might be on You tube
49 different nationality s participated. 11.000 runners in all (bet for certs, some 13 DBLE amongst)
Spectaculaire view