Miss “Képi blanc” Guyane

Big mistake in the comment, where the commentator says that Camerone took place in... 1844 (while it was in 1863, as every member of the board knows... of course :D).
Other than that, interesting comments about the dull social reality in French Guiana... Myriam, the young mixed-race lady (father from Brittany, mother from Martinique island) we see at the beginning says that the legionnaires don't have a very good reputation among the local civilian population. Often seen as trouble makers when they go out on town to let some steam off during their free time, to compensate the harsh Legion discipline...
Also, it's clearly said that for a number of women, getting noticed by a legionnaire (or ‘hooking’ him if you prefer) is a hope to escape a life without much opportunities locally, or have an option to travel to Europe for those who are not French (like the Brazilian lady says it at 08:05). Some do it just for the fun but, actually, many decide to compete for the “Miss Képi Blanc” beauty pageant to get to win the prize, a return plane ticket Cayenne-Paris and 1,500 French Francs, so about 300 US$ (the documentary was made before the introduction of the Euro) or, at least, get some ‘attention’ from someone in the public.
Not sure if that was the intention of the author, but the film, beyond the funny and amusing aspects, leaves a bitter-sweet feeling.