Mururoa Atoll


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hay am a grunt from the 90,s puters are still space age mumble jumble to me lol
Hey flash010. As part of the internet generation and playstation nation I have a natural ability with these types of things.. PM if you require any assistance in this regard. I am relatively good at providing detailed instructions on how to do things with accompanying screen dumps (pictures) showing how to do things step my step. Just putting that out there.. think of it as my 'thanks' for all the posts and info you have provided on this forum ;)


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There has been for many years former French servicemen (or their family) complaining about health issues allegedly due to radiation exposure. Like always in this type of situation, it's difficult to determine if the cancer (or any other disease) you've been diagnosed with is due to your being exposed to nuclear radiations 30+ years ago or if you would have gotten it anyway.
As mentioned by Joseph, the safety conditions were quite bad during the first tests held in the Algerian Sahara in the early 60s (a bit like the US tests done in the 40s/50s in Bikini or Nevada). The French authorities have recently admitted that and accepted to grant some form of compensation to the (still living) victims. On the other hand, the official position is that everything was safe in French Polynesia (Mururoa / Fangataufa) nuclear testing facilities. You can believe that... or not, but I too have friends who spend some time over there in the early 80s and they're still alive.
I caught the tail end of a documentary about British servicemen who had served in atomic testing areas and suffered but were not receiving any compensation, it stated that the French government were compensating their servicemen, so any Legionnaires who are suffering but unaware help is available ............