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My first and hopefully not last attempt


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Dec 11, 2012
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On Sep 22th I took a flight to Marseille on 20.30 evening I touched down on 12.30 midnight. I went to the receptionist and asked which bus get to marseille saint charles train station and she said the that there are no buses now so I had to wait till morning.

I took a sleep on the first floor on the airport I was barely sleeping it wasn't comfortable on the floor.

When the morning got I went to the receptionist it was almost 6 am and I took the bus to marseille which is very close to the airport it cost me 8 Eur and I was the only one passenger on the bus after about 15 minutes I got to marseille saint charles train station there I took sncf train to Aubagne It cost 3.5 Eur, Aubagne was the third station and it took maybe 10 minutes.

When I got to Aubagne I looked for bus number 4 and some bus driver guided me how to get to the station It was close. I got to the station and waited about half hour to bus 4 which then later turned out to be very close to the Legion maybe 7 minutes walking.
So you can even keep right from Aubagne train station it's like 15 minutes walking.

When I got on the bus it was free, I think the Legion was the first station from the bus I saw legion's candidates running outside so I knew we close, and then I got to the Legion etrangere.
Now when I got the gate I did last call to my mom to say that i'm ok and i'm getting in. There was a soldier which asked my passport and immediately told me to make 6 pull-ups on the bar that was installed on the door as did with the other two guys who were there one of them was rejected on medical test he said because of drugs.
After getting our details into the computer (and Whistling to himself all that time) the officer took us into the base there we met other candidates there were people from France,Portugal,Brazil,USA,Italy,Russia,Romania,etc
not everyone spoke English there, but we did what everyone did.
Just most of that day we were sitting in the caravan or outside till the next day for medical and just after medical I left but I forgot to ask them when I can come back 'cause I knew i'll. I didn't fail something so probably I can whenever i want but if someone knows something about it please say.
When you come don't give snacks or chewing gums I gave and the officer told me to put it in the trash can.
There was one Texas guy named Bert I think he made it to the Legion he just asked me to say.

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