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Yep, the MAS 36 was just a very reliable rifle in combat, and it worked fine for me when I needed it the most. Good ole gal, I miss you, sob...

Thank you so much. Hope to meet my 80th birthday. As for the forum it can only improve. However with this comment it indicates that I am passed my sell by date !:D
I am glad you are still around Charles. Hope all is well my friend.
Thank you Mark,

Soldiering on slowly. It is unfortunate that so many 'wannabes' fail to do their homework when there is so much information available.

I am not the slightly bit interested in Forum trophy points. I regard this as a gimmick. Like you I have a trophy which many have not aspired to.


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Hi countdown,

An interesting choise for a masters thesis, imdeed. If you need any inputs, just let me know, I’ll be happy to provide some facts (as opposed to myths).

Peter Lyderik

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I watched it at cinema. It was a cool action movie, but far away from what really happened. Even tough the real story is amazing, the movie was a more like an Hollywood movie. What really makes me angry is that the director in the start of the movie said "the most sensational thing in this movie happened for real in Jan Baalsruds escape". A lot of the movie is a fake from the real story, so its sad they claim its real.

About it, since we talk about the topic of false history..

Im writing my bachelors degree right now, where my issue is "how has the French Foreign Legion been illustrated in Norwegian litterature since 1945 - and can these illustrations have made a wrong impression of the Legion in the Norwegian society?"

Very interesting topic, and many books has been written by people who claim to have served in the legion, but really has not. These books often show a quite extreme view of the legion, compared to real legionnaires stories. (Well, thats not a surprise actually, considering all the mythos..)
@ Countdown. Would really like to read it when it's ready. So if you are writing it on word document/pdf you are more than welcome to share it with us, who reads Norwegian. :)

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