Opération “Barkhane”

The Dutch contingent of the MINUSMA in Mali are to withdraw, as from May 2019. Approx 270 persons, mostly from the 11th Aero Mobile Brigade with Chinooks and Apache helicopters. Reasons evoked : budget and concentration on NATO needs. A case of doing more with less.

Source: Opex 360
Source: Midi Libre (on line) Long format: embarquez pour le Mali
Excellent reportage of the Legion in Mali
Photos Vidéos Infographics and interviews
Describes/shows the routine of legionnaires (must see)
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Thanks Oleg. Hope all is Ok there. For security reasons, I've deleted the picture. Not need to give away informations on the guard posts locations and armament, even if I doubt the jihadists would dare attacking the base.


Actual or Ex Legionnaire
Thanks Oleg. Hope all is Ok there. For security reasons, I've deleted the picture. Not need to give away informations on the guard posts locations and armament, even if I doubt the jihadists would dare attacking the base.
Ok, no problem. I chose that picture because it shows only what everyone already know. Good stuff is out of the picture. Literally. :D
They attacked this base two months ago. There were a few threads on the forum about that. It was a hard hit with 2 VBIEDs and a dozen men. On our side 7 wounded, few badly and on their side all dead. In last few weeks they just targeted us with mortars a few times but they were not very precise.
It's ok here and base is not bad. Sunday's are barbecue days. ;)
Germany to with draw it's helicopter (Tigre and and NH 90) support for MINUSMA (peace keepers UN) and the Belgians to follow likewise. UN pressing Canada to send a contingent, as promised. Canada repliés, "by August".

Refugees from Burkina Faso pouring into north Mali (Touaregs and Peuls). Touaregs are nomads and know no boundaries. They travel thru the 3 borders frontier as if it was one. Massacres and common graves are often of these two communities. Often committed by FAMA, the Malian army and since the operation Serval United Nations studying their desire to remain. Without guarantees from the Malian government MINUSMA might be withdrawn. Presidential election coming up in Mali doesn't help the situation. France spends 1 billion euros a year to maintain their presence.
:unsure: Burkina being south of Mali, I don't see how this is working... Did you mean the opposite (refugees from Mali pouring into north Burkina Faso) ?
Source : RFI
Quote: at least 7000 Burkinabe have sought refugee in Mali
Certainly more according to the HCR, who does not have acces to certain enclaves or non secured zones
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For info by the way, a ‘barkhane’ is a moving (by wind), more or less long, more or less big sand dune, in the form of a croissant. The extremities (left and right) point in the direction from where the wind is blowing. Not suitable for walking or driving on (soft/loose and unstable).
On June 22, a group of approx. 20 jihadists engaged a task force of the Malian Army and French elements of ‘Opération Barkhane’ in the sector of Inabelbel (Timbuktu region).
CAS was called in (Mirage fighters and Tigre helicopters). 15 ‘barbus’ were reported killed.
Below the link to the article (in French) mentioning also other operations in the same Sahel region.

Car explodes at Gao aimed at french forces of Barkhane... No other info, yet!

Update : 2 soldiers from Barkhane killed
Source: Au militaire
Update : at least 1 VBCI hit
Source : Actu 17 / Mali (photo)
Update : At least 8 others wounded
Source : L.C.I.
Update : According to "20 minutes"...no French casualities. We shall see.
Security forces in Mali claim 2 French troops dead and several wounded
Défense ministre France does not confirm the above, but declares several civilians and children killed.
Below an article on the recent suicide attack on a G5 force HQ.


(...) a VBCI destroyed. (...)
The VBCI was destroyed when the driver decided to put it in the way of the VBIED. That’s when the kamikaze driver detonated the explosives loaded in his vehicle. Below an article with some pictures.





Joseph Cosgrove

From Ossie O.:


google translate:

The four wounded soldiers in Mali on Sunday 1st July depend on the 2nd REI of Nîmes. The four soldiers of the Barkhane force wounded in a terrorist attack in Gao, Mali on Sunday, July 1, belong to the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (REI) of Nîmes. They were repatriated and hospitalized in France. Information confirmed by the Army Staff. At least two deaths among civilians There were "four wounded in Barkhane" and at least two dead and twenty wounded civilians, told AFP this source. According to the Malian authorities, citing a provisional report from a hospital source, the attack left four dead and 23 wounded among civilians. "French soldiers of the Barkhane force (4,000 men) fell on Sunday, July 1 in an ambush by terrorists at the exit that leads to the town of Bourem," said a Western military source before, information confirmed by a Malian military source. In Paris, the French army assured that no French soldier was killed in this attack. "There is no death among French soldiers," AFP spokesman Colonel Patrik Steiger told AFP. French Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, said in a tweet that "terrorism has again sluggishly hit Mali". "Civilians have lost their lives and French soldiers are wounded, my thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones, I wish a speedy recovery to our soldiers and our determination is not weakening."

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