Opération “Barkhane”

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The reason why not much is happening on the Barkhane front is the rain season. Other than that G5 will deploy to Wour (north west Chad) for their future H.Q.
Source: Ministrede la défense. Org.fr

8 gendarmes killed, last week, in Burkina Faso

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Are Gendarmes what we would refer to in the US Military as Military Police?

Gendarmes are military yes, however in France and ex-colonies they are also police. The difference is basically the police are in the cities and towns and the Gendarmes are in the smaller towns or villages. They are also (the French) on Corsica and the overseas territories.
When they accompany the French army they are known as prévôté. Most regiments have their own MPs which have no jurisdiction outside of the military.


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That's more understandable, like our MP's they have no Jurisdiction off base. However, they do conduct operations with the local police departments for drug stings and things like that. So, the Gendarmes, are military with civilian or civil duties as well.
In the US, the military cannot be used for policing, but in national emergencies or disasters we do assist. You're probably aware Marines and legionnaires for the matter are trained to kill and to destroy things while the civilian police are far more restrained. In the US Military you can begin as a MP and you can advance into CID or NCIS as you become more senior ranks, also they run the Brigs on Base.
The autoroutes (highways), are all controlled by the Gendarmerie Nationale and also the rural parts of France are controlled by the Gendarmerie Nationale. They have also their anti-terrorist elite intervention group called the GIGN (Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale).
They also have an anti-riot unit called Gendarmerie Mobile. They all receive a basic military training(CTE 00) equal to a G.I., more or less. They have their specialists too (forensics, etc.). Only the Gendarmerie can do a search in an army /air force or Naval base. There are exceptions of course.
On going operation was launched today, by Barkhane near the border with Niger. 120 parachutists were dropped on zone and rejoined other units. No further info as of yet.

2 Transals and a A400M “Atlas”.
Units involved : EMT + COMPARA + GCP (SCP of 2e REP and jumped from the A400M)
source : Au Militaire

Joseph Cosgrove

Today is Saint Michel. Along with being the Patron saint of the sick and suffering, and pilots and sailors and sword fighters (escrime) our favorite arch angel is the patron saint of... Paras. That is because he fought the dragon is the airs. So bare a thought for the REP men in Mali, who unlike their mates in Calvi, will not be having a good old p*ss up after the traditional prise d'armes.

To give anyone who is interested a quick run down on a St Michel in Calvi. It starts off with the whole regiment or rather those present. The anciens REPmen are usually allowed to stay in the quarters of the company who is on tournant (tour). Then there is a huge preparation for the evenings meal and beer. Each company organizes their own barbecues outside their company quarters. At this time, unlike Camerone and Christmas, it is left to the company commander if he gets his prisoners out of jail. It is worth remembering that 1times out of 10 it's him that put them there . 1 times of 10 it is the chef de corps commanding officer that put's him there. and of course 9 times of of 10 it's the legionnaire who has put himself there.:ROFLMAO: We can see it's the weekend boys.
A quick note on going to jail compared to say the Brit army. You do not lose pay and you do not get bust. On the latter, depending on your crime you can be bust and given jail. But getting into a fight on town and being hauled in by a gorilla of a PM doesn't mean that you will lose your carporal or caporal chefs stripes.

Normally the next day is quartier libre, which means that you can go out on town. As tomorrow is Sunday it's a bit of a bummer. The best times for St M, Noel and Camerone are mid week. Because there is the preparation before and the dismantling afterwards.

Joseph Cosgrove

The REP captures 8 members of the CMA (Coordination des mouvements de l'Azawad)
Source: Opex 360
This is all good ads for the Legion. It has to be said that they're not out there on their own. When I say on their own, I mean that there other Legion regiments along side the REP. Those that are joining soon, tell yourselves that it gets better and a chance to see anther country other than your own or the yearly summer trip abroad will change things. And don't forget that these guys will be going back to France heroes with a bundle of Euros in their pockets to do with what they please.
Barkhane takes out a group of Jihadists in Burkina Faso
The Gendarmerie Burkinabe, @ Inata , was attacked in the night of 3/4 october 2018
The Burkinabe military authorities requested assistance from Barkhane. .who immediatly complied
1 Reaper, 2 Mirages 2000 and a C 130 tanker were sent to the zone
A colonne of motor cycles was detected heading north
After observing the comportement of the group. ..the doubt was erased and the order to attack was given
The Mirages went into action
The result is still being evaluated
Source : défense. gouvernement. fr
7 Jihadists killed in the Inata strike by Barkhane and at least 10 motor cycles taken out (they were heading for Mali)
New front developping in the East of Burkina Faso and the Jihadists are gaining terrain
Could be that Barkhane is doing such a good job in Mali that the Jihadists are now attacking more and more the weak link (Burkina Faso)

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