Paris: HK G36 assault rifle stolen from police by thugs.

It doesn't include the Army, Police and the rest of the establishment, why not? Going under a nom de plume (pen name)?
My atheist point of view probably doesn't fit their agenda. ..
Let me guess
The cited above are French?
The French cited above are of Catholic influence?
Fascisme / Totalitarsim, is the same schize, imo
An out of date mode that tries its best to make its come back
Representatives of the Brit Army went to PTU Fanling to learn their trade. I sh*t the not.
The Greener Gas gun fired baton rounds as well as gas.
Put me on a charge for being a dozy old git. Correction- I should have written Federal Gas Gun. This was in the second section of a riot Pln. First section facing crowd was baton and shield. 3rd section was Greener shot gun and Carbine. 4th section was lock up section making arrests etc.
@ Rapace, the Police Academy in Nîmes is the ex-Armée de l'Air base at Courbessac (lived in the vicinity for almost 15 years) and not the aéronavale, based at Garons (as you wrongly corrected).
That's correct. I didn't know that Nîmes-Courbessac was an ex French Air Force base, I knew only of Nîmes-Garons (naval aviation), which is now a civilian airport (or mixed military/civilian). I have corrected the correction... :D


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The biggest problem isn't the demonstrators it's les casseurs. I don't know if this could be adapted by the French Police. But I saw the Israelis, (military?) what they do against the Palestinians:
When they are demonstrating or flying burning kites etc. They send in a group of Israelis dressed the same as those demonstrating, causing havoc. They all have their faces covered so that they can't be recognized - the same as in Paris- Then they spot the ring leaders and then grab them. The Israeli army then break cover and they make off with the ring leaders.

If the french police could adapt that style of tactics, as soon as one of those little c*nts pulled out a spray can they could bang his head against the Arc de Triumph and hand him over to the the CRS.
Of course you will have people complaining against Police brutality, they would just have to deny that they were police officers.
I believe someone already said something almost identical couple msgs ago :). So the demonstrations were a success. PM Édouard Philippe suspended the fuel taxes rise.


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Nothing wrong with highly trained 'snatch squads' who operate with both force and speed.
Yeah...i was the baton Gunner.. I dropped them. Remember the snatch Squad running in with wooden Sticks. I liked the wrist locks you learned & basic strikes we learned with the stick.
The picture is posted on 1 REC's facebook April 13th, 2018. It says:

Les Lions de Rachaya domptent la foule…
Se préparant à ses futures missions, le 4e escadron termine sous une pluie battante sa formation de « protection contre la foule »

Here is another picture.

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