Paris: HK G36 assault rifle stolen from police by thugs.

It's kicking off here in Nîmes at the moment
Can here the sirens
Earlier, an hour ago
Was having a café at the Totirno, place Séverine on the Jean Jaures. .
A company ((150 approx) Lycéens, mostly male...trotted past
Couple of minutes later. .a convoi of Police (bikers, wagons and cars) Sirènes blasting, trying to catch up
It's a lost cause
The lycéens will split forces and cause havoc here there and evry where
Lunch is served at noon
Keep the cops on their toes
Tomorrow is going to be a long day
(The farmers, transporteurs, and civil engineering and rail way union Sud, will be joining the struggle ..each catégorie has it's proper revindications
It's the people who décidé what the government does and not the other way about

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