Portrait d’oubliés. L’engagement des Espagnols dans les Forces françaises libres, 1940-1945

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Oct 17, 2004
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Summery in English: In September 1939, thousands of Spanish refugees present on French territory joined the Foreign Legion or regiments of foreign volunteers (RMVE) to fight fascism. Convinced that World War II, which has just started, represented a continuation of the struggle that had started in Spain; they faced the onslaught of the Wehrmacht during the 1939-1940 campaign in France, as well as in Norway. Some of those who survived these fights constituted in England, in June 1940, the new Free French Forces (FFL). Those who remained in the Foreign Legion after the armistice were sent to Africa where they served in different units of the army of Vichy. In these units, some awaited a good opportunity to desert and join the FFL. The bottom line, the Spanish supplied the largest foreign contingent that served under the flag of Free France.

The article is in French: https://journals.openedition.org/rha/7345

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