QUESTION Question about Interpol; I may be flagged not wanted

Joseph Cosgrove

Jul 13, 2013
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Hua Hin Thailand
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I sent you a private message. I was not married until after my first try. It was a long wait as I decided to go back to the Canadian army at the time. But I may be booted out. I was out of the Canadian army when I went to try. Everyone said if you can join your own military there was no reason for me to stay or try again. Until now I may be in trouble and get kicked out so in order to have a military career a place like the Legion may give me a second chance. I can send more proof as needed to you in PM or email as you need it. I would not like it shared publicly however.
This is a forum, so if you have got any info than share it on the forum. For my part, I get more than enough PMs.
Jan 30, 2018
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St. John's, NL
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This is a forum, so if you have got any info than share it on the forum. For my part, I get more than enough PMs.
It was private information to verify somethings I said. Was not comfortable posting it publicly. Although I regret starting this thread as I made myself come across as an idiot and wannabe rambo type. Not my intention.

The timeline (I sent photos to you and sexpert in PM to prove):
June 2014-March 2018: I was in the Canadian army as a reservist (I did not claim to be special forces or headed to selection honest) and I also worked civilian security guard jobs. I left the reserves and such solely to try out for the Foreign Legion.
June 23rd 2018: I arrived in Paris and tried out.
July 2018: I was back in Canada and reapplied to Canadian army
March 2019: I was married in Vietnam (official date was 22nd)
May 2019: I was back in Canada
Sept 25th 2019: I was officially sworn in on paper
October (this month): is when the problems started for me because of alleged far right ties and possibly either people I know or myself being flagged by Interpol due to facebook conversations I was told. The only crime was the military here said I gave an false answer as I said I had no far right ties and they suspect me of it. So if found guilty I lose my career or potentially serve military prison time.

I just wanted to know what would the background and security check be on me if I was denied a career in the military here and after a decision was made and did my time whatever if I would stand a chance of passing security/background checks.

I did not try to offend or make everyone angry at me or try to embarrass myself which seems like I did. Due to explaining myself poorly.

I did not engage in any terror activities or propaganda etc. Or promote any hate speech etc. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Again I apologize.

I am not sure if I listed prior military service when I was there or not. But I believe I did. If not I put my most recent occupation which was security guard. I did not want to seem as a stolen valor type guy so I PMed a photo of that and myself from 2016. Just to try and prove that part.

And thanks for the help and such so far as well. I do greatly appreciate it.
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