Races and Racism in FFL

I do understand that in the FFL, every legionnaire consider his fellow legionnaire as a brother right? Am I wrong or was all these past? So is there still racism in FFL? However minute....
Since majority of legionnaires are Europeans or whites, are there racism against Asians (Thais, Chinese, Japs)?

Any idea what is the percentage or ratio of the legionnaires population is of Asian? Thais? Chinese?


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bangkok said:
every legionnaire consider his fellow legionnaire as a brother right?
This is one of the codes of honour on the official FFL website (www.br-legion.com) Don't worry about that racism, maybe there is maybe there isn't. If the white boys are racist then you can be racist back.

The last update on ratios of asians in the FFL was last year some I think. The best answer I can give you is about 7% of the FFL are asian. This means from everywhere in Asia, they just group all the asians in one group. They must think all asian look the same!!!

I have heard that there are many Chinese and Japanese in the FFL. But I have no idea Bangkoki.

Just go and try, stop asking questions.

CAN YOU RUN 3000m in 12min?
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i can run 3000m in 13min only for now...Can i make it? i think i must train harder before going... I'm thinking of joining in warmer weather...France is having Summer now?


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So why the hell do they get in? This board has stressed the fact that learning French is a definite advantage in selection. It's logical and evident to make life easier in selection and during your contract. If their ability to learn French is not as good as other english/latin/spanish (whatever except Asian) languages, what can they offer the FFL???? Why do they get in?
unknown said:
If their ability to learn French is not as good as other english/latin/spanish (whatever except Asian) languages, what can they offer the FFL???? Why do they get in?
Maybe hard work, discipline and dedication. This is what Asians are usually renowned for, although it might be a 'cliché'. Maybe are they also seen as less likely to desert, since they're coming from far away and often poor countries.


Patrick, yes that's right but 90% of Chinese and Koreans are working in kitchen. Only the Japanese want to stay in Combat Sections.
What? Chefs in the Legion? I don't wanna do that. Hope there isn't much vacancies for chefs...I don't wish to be a chef... i do prefer soldiering than cooking....


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I can understand if Europeans find out about the FFL and join through word of mouth, stories passed down through generations etc. But how do far east orientals even get the idea to join, let alone know about the FFL? Where do they get information such as recruitment address etc?

PS, i know there is a website about the FFL in chinois, but this would only have come about in the past few years. Most of these Asian dudes are too poor for net access, let alone to the older Asian dudes who have joined without knowing anything about the FFL.
Well places like Vietnam were former French colonies.....as well as parts on India-within their history they may have stories of the FFL (particularly Vietnam with Dien Bien)


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THanks Wolf,

Does anyone know about Far Eastern Countries, like Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal(Ghurkas)

Soz bit vague

Peter Lyderik

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There has always been Asians in the Legion, at least during the 20th century. Some examples.

During WW 1 there were in RMLE 28 Vietnamese, 4 Cambodians, 4 Laotians, 5 Chinese, and 113 Japanese.

In a book about the Legion by John Laffin, there's a picture from the 1920's of 2 Chinese legionnaires.

During the French Indochina war, 1945-1954, whole companies and battalions were made up of Indochinese legionnaires. Since they had not been through Sidi bel Abbas, Castel at that time, they were not entitled to the white kepi, so had a white beret.

During the Algerian war a whole squad of 2 CSPLE, sahara company, were made up of Vietnamese.

In 2001 2REP had 1 Chinese, 12 Koreans, 13 japanese and 1 Laotian.

And then we have the Japanese former NCO who recently got killed in Iraq, after 20 years in the Legion.


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I am Chinese. I just wanna to be a legionnaire. Who says all the Chinese just work in the kitchen?! There's some one serve in 1REC. I know a Chinese joined the 2REP last year and some in the 13DBLE.
Our problem is the language. French is too diffrent from Chinese. So it's hard for us to study.
My English is not well. So, forgive me if you do not understand what i said.
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Taiwan belongs to China. In the Legion there are no Taiwanese, just Chinese. You know?
Even Japs, Koreans they usually called them "CHINOIS".


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In my experience i have seen some racism (mostly in the REP) but it is kept quiet and you really cant see it without looking for it. Most of those who are racist are those old legionnaires who have lost a buddy or two in Africa or even those really old legionnaires who fought in Indo-chine (allthough you may not ever meet those blokes). But "overall" yes there is no racism in the Legion. But don't expect things to go too well for you right off the bat, you will have to prove yourself and sometimes this may seem as though you are being treated different...Let me explain a little...The tougher you are worked the more the Cadre want to see from you in hopes of getting the best from you. If you never get worked over then there might be a problem (what i mean is if they do nothing to you then they not want to waste themselves on you) where if they invest time in you it's because they want you to excel. But don't look at it in a bad way...some do that's why I'm saying it now. Good Luck should you decide to go to France. Nothing in life should be easy, or you may not put enough value in it.
To Peter Lyderik,
The Asians in Indochina war were all paratroopers. They were called C.I.P.L.E. You can find info on them at http://2eme-rep-more-majorum.com/la_ciple/page_ciple.htm. They said that they were first paratroopers and then Vietnamese. When Saigon fell, still some of them were fighting. A journalist saw them and the paras told them to go away. It was 30 april 1975 and told him to go away, they said "It's all over, we are paras legionnaires and today we are also going to do Camerone. They were all killed like their ancestors. That was the end of the c.i.p.l.e. 20 years after Dien Bien Phu.
Oreste-futurelegionnaire said:
The Asians in Indochina war were all paratroopers. They were called C.I.P.L.E.
It's true to say some Vietnamese serving alongside the French during the Indochina war formed the so-called CIPLE (Compagnie Indochinoise Parachutiste de la Légion Etrangère) which were part of the 1 and 2BEP at the end of the Indochina war. It's wrong to say ALL Vietnamese were part of the airborne units of the Legion. Not all of them were in the Legion, not all of them were paratroopers.

P.S : During the Indochina war, Hélie Denoix de Saint-Marc commanded a CIPLE in 2BEP.


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Yes there were racists in the 80s but most were old neo nazis they were few. Most i am glad to say deserted. Any predjudes i had were gone after Lille. I got put on the train for Paris ended up in a carriage full of Poles. They shared what food and ciggis they had. Some one told me once it's nice to be nice. If go throw inst and at the end off it still hate folks cos off color or race you missed the whole point. The worst person i met, I'm ashamed to say, was a fellow Scot in the EVs. He sold ciggs to every one 50 francs for one cigg and hated every one who was not from the UK. Got to Castel and deserted every one else apart from a few helped each other. God one o my best mates is English ha ha sorry del. Some folk you won't change me i learned hate is a weakness. God were did that come from? :cool:


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Bonjour Unknown,

What are your questions re the Far East countries ?

Tibet is a province of PR China.

Besides Nepal's Ghurkas, don't forget the Sherpas. They should be back in the news because of the new electronic intel line set up to monitor China.