Running Songs


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I don't like to run and listen to music I prefer silence, I tried it when I was starting out and I was listening to Manowar, Ensiferum and other heavy metal groups ... If you need adrenalin from songs to get strength or motivation to run your are doing something wrong its far better to listen to an audiobook and learn something if you can concentrate on listening and running at the same time.

Perhaps cadences of Marines, Rangers and Navy seals would be good to try or perhaps Legion songs ?

Kako si, moi pridjadelij?

Keep singing!


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Back to the subject.

Running (or working) with bug type headphones could be dangerous. Sweat can't pour out so it's easy to get ear infection. Also is damaging to hearing. I use to run that way and I got buzzing sound in my left ear. don't know if is connected with headphones, but could be, easily.