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Jul 7, 2019
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Apologies for my format, I can’t seem to have it spaced how I intended via the phone app.
Age 25 American, Have tattoos that cover up scars from when I was 16. Attempting to join the FFL because the US denied me for life from “self-harm”.
Just finished my last year of Collegiate Gymnastics. Previous injuries 2 Knee surgeries Meniscus removal from when I was 17. Scars are hardly noticeable but noticeable if you’re looking for them. I’m going for 2REP GCP after all my research. Obviously lie I’ve never cut myself (from when I was 16 was only top of arms never suicidal). Lie I’ve never had knee surgeries (As they have zero effect on me)
Current Athletic Times :
Pull ups : 22,
Push-Ups 70,
Sit Ups 100,
2 mile Run 12 minutes,
11mins 30 seconds 500m Swim Combat Side Stroke (CSS)
I’ve practiced the Luc Leger got to level 11 (Not sure if I have the right sound files or not)
Average Ruck Time on hilly terrain / 14 mins a mile with 50lbs
Furthest Ruck 8 miles (2 hours w/ 50lbs)
Furthest Run 5 miles (50 mins)
Training for a minimum of 3 more months before I head out
I understand some French and Speak a little equivalent of 1 years worth of college recently learned/learning past year.
I’m currently training the PAST (Air Force PJ selection training) and am training with Airmen / PJ and the Airforce buddies I have. Scored an 80 on the ASVAB so I’m not worried about the IQ tests.
What are my chances of rejection if scars are noticed through tattoos ? When lying and not breaking. Same with my knees which are not tattooed. Do I get more tattoos that flow with my current to make them non visible? Insights, opinions? Partially concerned about the why not join your own military question but that’s about it. I am also missing my right pectoral muscle (born without it) It obviously doesn’t hold me back from anything athletic, it’s more of a look / if I take a bullet there it’s straight rib cage. Our military had no issue with it. Only if it’s con-caved would they.
Would love any feed back / criticism potential things I should work on etc.

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