Taking The Plunge

Hello everyone,

I guess I should start with a little background about myself and my reasons for wanting to join, I'm a 19 year old Australian born and raised in a major capital city on the east coast (I won't say which one) through various F***ups in my life I have come to a crossroads where I see the Legion as the only way forward for my future. I'm unable to get into university due to poor school grades, I can't get a semi decent job outside of fast food/retail due to the job market here being messed up, no girlfriend or large circle of friends and to top it all off I have a rather icy relationship with my family for various reasons that I only maintain because If they were to kick me out I would be homeless

I have applied for the Australian forces 2 years ago but was knocked back at the psychological stage due to not giving the "right" answers to certain questions. Although I can reapply it would simply be a waste of my time due to the fact that I would have to start from the beginning of the whole process and the fact that the only jobs I want to do aren't even recruiting at the moment and have 3+ year waiting lists.

The Legion appeals to me because It will give me the opportunity to pursue a career I have always dreamed about and the added bonus of a new beginning and moving as far away from this country and my family as possible. Will the legion make my life perfect? No I am under no such delusions I have been reading for months both on this forum and various other websites accounts from fellow wannabes, anciens and those currently serving,And I know based off these accounts what I will be getting myself into and thats fine by me.

I wish I could say that I'm hopping on the first flight to Paris however that is simply not possible due to my fitness. Currently im a 5"10 male weighing around roughly 90 KG with a fat gut and man boobs. I will not even purchase a plane ticket until I can ace the running test and maintain 15+ pullups comfortably, whether this takes me 6 months, a year or even longer than that I don't care, I will not half arse my probably one shot at this.

All I can say before I sign off is that I will use this forum and its wonderful resources and contributors to keep me focused towards my end goal which is either later this year or early 2019 presenting my self at the gates of Fort de Nogent and seeing where the legion can take me
Hi R98 and welcome
You seem to have your plate full (bit too much imo) and only 19 !
My advice : do not work for no fast food out let (do not work serving food of any kind would be even better)
Do not eat fast foods, period
Do not think fast foods. ..and quit drinking sodas (you know it makes sense )
Get your self a physical job (construction labourer for example, or coursier, bike deliveries
Walks,runs, press ups,pull your own weight,slim and trim and avoid booze and cigarettes (dirty habits and if you are a slob, we know why
Keep the motivation going, if not for the Legion, for your self
Like they say : feel good on the out side = feels good in the inside,capito ?
Keep us informed on your progress

Joseph Cosgrove

Ranger98, a big welcome to the forum. As le petit caporal said, get yourself a physical job. Go for a short run before you start work, might as well get used to early hours. Then when you are finished do your work out. If you are not prepared to train before and after work, then you are not ready for the legion.

I've said this enough times, go in for civvy races. Usually there are so many taking part unless you are in the top ten no-one cares after that. Go for the short distances at first and then try and do better each time. Again if you are too tired after a week of hard graft then you are not ready for the legion. Although it's easy for me to say, but set yourself a goal.
"whether this takes me 6 months, a year or even longer than that I don't care," - not the right frame of mind. You will tell yourself after a year, 'next year.'

It's the Thai New year to day, Their third this year, but who's counting. Perhaps you could make a Thai New Year's resolution to go before such and such a date. No need to make it public if you don't want to.

Best of luck and do. please, keep us informed of your progress.
Hello apologies for the delay in my replies (Internets been rubbish the last week).

Le Petit Caporal - Thank you for your wise words, since I decided to go for this 3-4 weeks ago I have started cutting the rubbish from my diet and only sticking to natural foods (fruits, veggies, eggs, meat, fish), drinking water only, no booze and the differences to my overall wellbeing have been amazing! I might have stay put in my job for the time being due to there being a few things I need money for but I'll definitely look into switching my work once I've got enough saved up for a flight to Europe (at least 2K AUD).

Snafu - Cheers mate

Joseph - I've definitely started doing the early mornings and at first they were killer for me but now once my alarm goes off at 5 i'm up and ready to go. I'll definitely consider getting into races like you said, not for fitness (although thats a plus) but to motivate and push me further physically and mentally.

I'll make sure to keep posting frequently on this forum so I have something to hold my self accountable as I work towards the legion. Thank you all for your warm welcome

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