The Final Word on the Ultimate Walt

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Ladies and Gents,

Below is a pdf containing all the info about a Walt that has plagued us on Cervens twice, Joe, Dusaboss and myself, have been keeping tabs on him waiting for his next attack! He goes by the name Alain Dorsal, and has gone under the pseudos of Loustic and thaduesz. We have affectionately christened him as the "Night Jumper." All of his Facebook contacts have received a copy of the same PDF as well as copies being posted all over his Facebook wall. This is hopefully the last we'll ever have to bring up this subject, and on my part the case is now closed. I have offended anyone I apologize, but there are a few men out there that I consider good close friends that have earned the Kepi Blanc and are busy with or have done their time, he is a disgrace and a liar.

If anyone has further questions or details, drop me a pm.


Not open for further replies.

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