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The last “Compagnon de la Libération” passed away

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Oct 17, 2004
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Hubert Germain passed away at the age of 101. Born in 1920, in joined the “Free French” in 1940 and served in the Legion as a Lt with the 13e DBLE, in the North Africa campaign (including Bir Hakeim and El Alamein) and later in Italy and the liberation of France, after the landing in Provence (15 August 44).
The Ordre de la Libération (Order of the Liberation) was created in 1940 by Gen De Gaulle to reward all those who took a significant part in the fight against Nazi Germany, refusing to concede the defeat. Only 1031 persons received the Croix de la Libération, including some foreigners (like Sir Winston Churchill and Gen Dwight Eisenhower).
In 2020, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the 18 June 1940 Gen De Gaulle's call on the BBC radio urging the French to join him and keep fighting, PM Boris Johnson declared that the (then) last four surviving Compagnons would be made members of the order of the British Empire.
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