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The Legion in comics

Joseph Cosgrove

Jul 13, 2013
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Hua Hin Thailand
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She most certainly did. She rose to the rank of Adj Chef herself. she actually was awarded the legion d'honneur she was the Gen. Koenig's mistress, (La guerre comme à la guerre) although there were rumours about their 'liaison' she swore that she would only talk about it when he passed away which she did (in '84?).
When I was in the museum. I read some of her file, it's huge, notably when they were driving away from their positions after holding off the mainly Italian forces. The general had been given the order to hold while the Brits did a tactical withdrawal. Once they were clear, the General lead the way way through an enemy minefield during the night in blackout conditions., with Ms. Travers at the wheel. I've read the official reports which are as you can expect blunt and down to earth. But even still it all comes out as boy's own stuff !
She was in France when the war broke out and decided to stay on as an ambulance driver. Her old man was someone high up in the aristocracy which gave him an equally high position in the military.
This is all from memory, so if anyone would like to take the time to check up on facts, be my guest.