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The legions biggest holiday

Nov 23, 2018
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Greetings and salutations,
After formeguere you don't really do much just kinda idle. We got to do Camarone day. I thought that this was just going to be us working while everyone partied. Nope! It was a huge party.
So you have to have you clothes ready to go, ready for 2 days of drinking and playing. The first day we spent... You guessed it drinking. This was the first time we got to drink in a month so we were ready. This was also the first time we are unsupervised since we got to Castel. We could do whatever, your family can come (this I didn't know) its as close to real free time I had in 4RE.
there are carnival games, a miss camarone competition, tons of company challenges like races and each company has its own bar set up so you are free to interact with anyone. It's really a good time.
We had guys to drunk to go to assembly the entire section was swaying back and forth when they counted us. I got carried to it. No one cares it was wonderful.
The second day I got up at 6 to clean up cigarette butts outside the company the Sargeant of the week saw how bad I looked and brought me out beers to drink to feel better. This guy was known to be a real ball buster but even he was cool with my obvious intoxication. It's like an alternate universe these two days.
Then the other shoe hit on the third day you do the presentation of Camerone. You stand in full parade dress not moving for 3 hours in the blistering sun. Holy cow this was what I get for drinking so much. I regret nothing!
If you are lucky enough to go to Castel during this time you will have fun I assure you.