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Since the thread was closed I simply get back to the subject here.
Fat around the waist is by all means the nost dangerous for your healt and unfortunately also the one most difficult to get rid of.
You can do a thousend sit ups a day and still dont see any result. The best way of get rid of it however is to in all lower your bodyfat.
Make sure you do some kind of exercise everyday for enough time, preferly over 30 minutes and keep a pace where your heartrate is high enough.
And gents, take a good look at what you stuff into yourself.
Your body sure need energy but be carefull with sugar, as anything you dont use up goes directly to your belly.

Your body contains about 5 liters of blood and your normal glycose level should be btw 3.5 - 6 mmol/l. In easy terms this is about 2-3 sugarcubes.
To much fast carbs will simply give you a sugar chock and your body fights it with an insulin chock. Insulin is a hormon that transform what you eat into energy. To much fast carbs will simply make you need more fast carbs, that you in the end wont burn up and just forcefeed your fatcells with.