The most important thing...


Actual or Former Legionnaire
Who the F are you? Are you going to the Legion or what?

I'm heading out for a month or so, catch you on the flip side gentlemen (and ladies)
No Rapace I am not. Career wasn't for me but I enjoyed it. I'm home visiting parents but I work now in Maritime Security Services. Probably settle down soon, thinking of London. Had a consultant job in International Finance I've been interviewing for and they will let me know. Adventuring days are closing.
Take care everyone.
Glad to hear you are doing well mm66. Good luck with that interview process and a new career. If I stop by London we'll have to grab a pint. :)
Today, the professor in the French course advised me to apply for DELF A1 as he said mon Français improved drastically and that I should advance to A2 after this course ends.....Is a A1 certificate worth anything? I don't want to apply for it because it is expensive (in EGP) I wanted to at least achieve a A2 certificate no less. That way I'd save more money instead of entering 2 DELF exams I would sit for only one and save meself at least 1500 EGP that's a lot for me.
A1 is the minimum level you can achieve when learning a foreign language, per the so-called Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. DELF is the certificate delivered to French learners that complies with the referential. There are 6 levels of proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).
If your plan is to achieve A2, then you may skip the A1 exam, unless they want you to pass A1 before taking A2. To be checked with your teacher.

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