Two weeks at Castel before the farm

Nov 23, 2018
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Greetings and salutations,
Upon my arrival at 4RE, I was told that they have broken our section up into two factions. I was on the first the second will arrive in a week. So that ment I was getting a week head start on learning how to do formations, and learning the company songs. I didn't speak French at all so this was much needed for me. (learn some French before you come, any French) in this time in January its always raining so your hands and ears take a real beating.
While waiting we did our preliminary sports tests. No one told me that you'll do two more test throughout the 4 months at Castel so maybe don't do your very best the first one so you can show improvement when you do the others.
The tests are as follows : run the Cooper test then directly to the pull ups then go do the rope. The rope is like 20 feet up and down 2x. Not to difficult but my hands had split open from the cold days so it was quite painful. Then off to the pool for your swimming test. You must swim 100 meters then swim underwater 10 meters. I hate swimming so that was my biggest challenge. But just hold your breathe and do your best.
After the second faction arrived they do their test and we depart on that Friday.