US vs Russia in Syria

Sep 4, 2017
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I have no beef with Serbes, after all Serbes is an andygramm for beer
Just like to wind you up
It makes me happy
Knowing you. ..i know where your weak point is
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Jun 3, 2016
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So yeah ... when Saudis buy S-400 everything's fine (plus tons of other, all kind of weapon, mainly US made and now also Russian. They are worlds biggest weapon buyers by far.
And now, when their inferior neighbor buying little bit guns for them self they are crying to mommy (that would be US), OK maybe to aunt (France) in this case :).

We would see if this purchase would be blocked by Saudi western protectors. Trick is that Fr and US don't have lot of leverage on Russia, but they can influence Qatar to cancel ordering of S-400.

So for those who are not informed with whole situation Saudi Arabia and Qatar were close allies until recently. And then, out of the blue SA accusing Qatar for financing of ISIS, which is ridiculous because both states financing ISIS according to their financial possibility (so that means that SA giving many times more ). I don't know how this conflict event happened because both countries are strictly Salafi. So there is possibility that everything is staged or that was just part of power grabing of new, young Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman. Also part of reason is Qatar's involvement in Yemen war (not on SA side)

Meanwhile SA doing Airstrikes and military actions against Yemen killing civilian and doesn't care about collateral damage at all. I mean, why would they? They don't care for its own citizens why would the care for enemy.
But no, you wouldn't hear anything about that war. According to western media is almost not existing. I'm sure that majority of people in the west doesn't even know that SA and Yemen or in bloody war for more than 3 years. Of corse Iran have big role in that conflict.

Everything is fine in SA. Young prince even gave women right to drive... ohhh that's so sweet. Example of human rights and freedoms. :) What they don't telling us is that in SA most women cannot leave house without male companion or 2 or 3 female instead, so yeah ... driving will really give them a freedom. :) and many, many other nonsense.

I mean ... this country's (Saudi Arabia) leadership is evil to the core and America would pay price for dancing with the devil (Shaitan) ... Also many of us will pay that price.
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