Visa to get to France

Any tips on getting a visa to France? I know that if you mention you will join the Legion, they instaban you from getting a Visa. Will I have better luck in another Schengen Country? I heard if you try to get to France from Belgium it is a bit easier. Is that true? I have no relatives in Europe so I might find it hard to get a Visa to anywhere in Europe.
Just provide a strong bank statement and something to prove that you would come back to your country again. For Egyptians, Greece is always easier they say. Maybe for the Philippines, there is an easier country than France? Dunno, you should do some research on that.
Long time, no see Keegan!
yea mate, was trying to change some things. passed 2 french levels and lost about 15 kg since the last time I posted here. still got 17 kg to reach an ideal BMR
Problem is french is on hold now as I can't go through with it until the army thing is over. I'll try to pass some levels on my own though. Just got all my paperwork done two hours ago and tomorrow 0600 hours i'll go to the military camp to get checked up.