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Jul 13, 2013
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Here is an article that Ossie O sent me a couple of days ago. I've had it translated by google translate, let me know what you think:

The two Orange legionaries lose their lawsuit against the army

Arrested, the two legionaries had reported to justice "bullying" and "violence" suffered. Their cassation appeal has just been dismissed.

Their battle lasted seven years. ( I hope that they have paid that dumb left wing lawyer a max) It is definitely lost. Justice has just closed the procedure that two legionaries had launched in criminal proceedings against the corps commander, two officers and an adjutant of the 1st foreign regiment of cavalry of Orange (based today in Marseille), where they were engaged under contract. The two men in the ranks had denounced to the prosecution acts of "violence", "contempt of a subordinate", "submission to working conditions and accommodation contrary to human dignity", "arbitrary detention" and "abuse of authority by assault ”.(Good job that they weren't in jail in Calvi , Djibouti or 3 REI, because then they would have known their asses from their elbows) In its decision, the Aix-en-Provence investigating chamber confirmed the 2017 dismissal order made by the first judge responsible for investigating their complaint. In a judgment of May 9, 2019, the Court of Cassation * dismissed their appeal, excluding with no other possibility of appeal any possibility of prosecution. (bien fait pour leur gueules)

Aged 26 and 27 at the time of the events in the summer of 2012, the two legionaries of French nationality (they're probably wearing gilets jaunes at the moment) had seized the prosecutor of Nîmes with a complaint in which they denounced the "bullying" and the "humiliations" that they allegedly suffered when they had been arrested. ( Oh my god. What! :eek: :cry:) Supported by the Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Military, they pointed out in particular the "unworthy" living conditions in the buildings reserved for the punished, called "the jail", and the "abuses" of the military police (today patrol military) responsible for guarding them.

"Punished" mode and without green beret "While the Defense Code provides that a detained soldier can continue to exercise his service under normal conditions, my clients have suffered a whole series of abnormal violence", explains their lawyer Me Élodie Maumont, a lawyer specializing in defense of the military. “The legionnaire's code of honor proclaims that he will always be proud of [his] attire; my clients were deprived of their green berets, their belts and their patronymic headband and forced, for the duration of their punishment, to wear a totally inappropriate bush hat in such circumstances. ( the headband -google translate- is their name tag, and forced to wear a bush hat! So? ) Their administrative papers were taken from them, their cupboards were searched methodically. From 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., they were assigned to completely useless water-cleaning works; instead of their rank, they were called by their name preceded by the word punished. Finally, they were confined to completely obsolete stop rooms, with toilets open for all to see. In short, the institution they served never stopped stigmatizing them, treating them worse than ordinary prisoners. Nut tickets(jail admission and release papers, nothing to do with their nuts:ROFLMAO:) were also issued to them each time they entered and left, ”pleaded Me Maumont, supporting photos and videos.

The dismissal of 2017 Filed by the prosecutor, the complaint with the constitution of a civil party filed before the dean of the examining magistrates of Marseille ended with a dismissal on October 18, 2017, after hearing of 39 witnesses and placement of a non-commissioned officer under the status of "assisted witness". The Court of Appeal confirmed the dismissal. The unsanitary conditions of the stopping places?(jail time) "They correspond to the powers vested in the army [...] to impose disciplinary restrictions on freedom and do not fall within the provisions of the Criminal Code. »Arbitrary detention? “It follows from the procedure that these same premises were open and that the limitation of exits is characteristic of stops. »Locker searches? “They cannot be assimilated, in the absence of established physical shocks, to acts of violence. »The outfit and the straw hat? "Not likely to offend dignity and justified by the need to differentiate with other soldiers. The use of the term "punished"? "This designation of a disciplinary status is not of an outrageous nature, any more than the words of accused, accused or indicted in a judicial setting. One by one, the instruction room closed all the doors. As a last resort, the two legionaries appealed on points of law. “The court of the second degree, after having analyzed all the documents of the procedure, responded by a motivation free from insufficiency to the memory deposited before it; its appreciation is sovereign, "ruled on May 9, 2019 the criminal chamber of the Court of Cassation, which judges only on the form, classifying the file irreversibly. Me Julien Pinelli, usual counsel of the Foreign Legion and lawyer for the adjutant of the military police, directly implicated, welcomed "a very satisfactory decision and perfectly in accordance with the rule of law". "None of the alleged facts found any basis, so it was right that the innocence of my client was recognized," he reacted.

*The highest court in the French judicial system, the Court of Cassation judges civil, commercial, social and criminal cases as a last resort. Its role is to verify the conformity of the decisions of the courts and the courts with the rules of law.
(All italics between brackets) are my personal comments.
bien fait pour leur gueules = that'll teach 'em
Me = Maître = counsel.