What is "basic training" like ?

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harsh and pure.. thx for the honest post. Every wannabe - including me - should read this well. It is not a Rambo or Green Beret school. For you, if there is no regret there is nothing to think over. You made your shot. Leaving with permission is way better then deserting and also much honest.
What you did was worse than deserting :mad:
Jock I had to 'resign' just short of 5yrs, I think his post is good and he is an honourable guy for what he did, told them he didn't want to waste thier time basically, he fullfilled his duties during basic and found it wasn't for him, as much as I love ya dude I have to disagree wiv ya.;)


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I also had what I can only equate to a panic attack not long after getting back. I was sat on a bus and was suddenly consumed by a complete hate and contempt for everyone around me, I wanted to smash everything and everyone to dust. I was so tense across my shoulders and in my arms that my biceps started to cramp up. It passed, thanks God, but I had a window into why people get guns and go on killing sprees. Was it Legion hangover or am I just a fruit loop? I don't know, I mean it's not like a did five years or saw combat or anything. Maybe I'm just a drama queen.
No it's normal or were maybe abnormal it still get like that round civvis.
Remember corvvi comes from another era as do i when some one went civvi it was a place that some other poor cunt could have had but your story is a good example of Legion instruction today. The Polish poster boy was my room mate in the capel lol :D:)
To al wannabes (including myself) rambo kids (includes me to): phantom309 at least went to the gate and tried, more then a lot of us do.

I can only say I'm going to try after the summer (trying to learn some BASIC French right now)

PHANTOM309-> thx for a great post and very interesting reading.

//Sweden : geting_med_skavsår
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